Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: Tiger's Curse

This book counts towards the Debut Author challenge and the Shifter challenge.

When Kelsey got a summer job cleaning up at a small circus, she didn't expect to meet a gorgeous, mysterious white tiger with mesmerizing blue eyes.  She didn't expect to travel to India with said tiger.  She didn't expect to discover that the tiger was actually a centuries-old cursed Indian prince.  She didn't expect to be chosen to break the curse.

But most of all, she didn't expect to fall in love...

Entertainment: ★★★★

I liked it - sort of a "female Indiana Jones in India with a shapeshifting tiger" premise.  I thought it was well-executed, well-written, entertaining, and unique.  I also thought the romance was tasteful and well-done.

Plot: ★★★★

I loved the adventure aspect of the plot - I thought it was quite unusual and interesting.  I also loved the romance side of the story; there was an undeniable attraction between the two main characters, but Kelsey didn't go swooning into anybody's arms.  

Characters: ★★★★

Kelsey was awesome, I'm just going to establish that and move on.  Ren was kind of a unique challenge, since he was stuck in a mute tiger form for much of the story.  Still, Houck did a great job with nonverbal characterization.  And overall, I thought Ren was cool.  The side characters - well, really, there weren't many, and most of them had only bit parts - were a little marginalized and not as well characterized, but still pretty interesting.

Writing: ★★★

Very nicely written, and I liked the little bits of Indian culture sprinkled here and there in the story.

End Result: four stars.  A good book, definitely worth your time.

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