Saturday, April 30, 2011

Review: Mistwood

This book counts towards the Shifter challenge.

Isabel doesn't have any memories before her prince came for her.  And she doesn't get a happily ever after, because she's not a princess.  She's the Shifter, a powerfully and dangerously magical being.  Prince Rokan needs her gift, a gift she can't give him.  Isabel needs the truth, and she knows Rokan is lying to her.  Everybody knows about the Shifter's dark past - except for Isabel herself.  And oh, yeah, there's one other problem: Isabel can't shape shift.

Entertainment: ★★★

I liked this book okay... but it never really sucked me in, never really got me emotionally involved.

Plot: ★★

I thought Isabel's emotional struggles and choices were very interesting and realistic; however, the rest of the plot didn't really catch my interest.  The romance was quite slow and really underexplored, I felt - Isabel was just in love without much explanation.  Personally I thought Mistwood was worth reading just for Isabel's internal conflict, but the rest of the plot just wasn't that great.

Characters: ★★

As I mentioned above, Isabel was pretty cool - but none of the other characters really shone.  They were just sort of lackluster, and some of them just didn't make sense.

Writing: ★★★★

Issues with characterization aside, I thought Mistwood was quite well-written.

End Result: three stars.  A decent book, but not amazingly excellent.

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