Review Policy

Disclaimer: I am not demanding, begging, etc. in any way for you to send me books. This is just for anybody curious to know what it is I'm all about.

I love words.  I love to read, which is why novapsych exists: so I can share my love of books.  Novapsych is dedicated, mostly, to YA books, although I'm fine with the occasional mature kid's book or adult book without too much adult-type content.  I will only review fiction, with a preference for paranormal or fantasty stories (although I'm always willing to branch out for interesting books in other genres.)

I rate books over four dimensions: Enjoyment (how much I enjoyed reading the book, how hard it was to put down, things like that); Plot (the cohesiveness of the story, its pace, whether the plot made sense, whether I got confused, etc.); Characters (basically, whether I thought of them as real people or cardboard cutouts); and Writing (the author's style).  I review what I read honestly, based entirely on my personal opinions.  I'm fairly easy to please when a book is interesting, but I will be entirely honest when I find any book otherwise.

If you want to talk (I love conversation, with writers, readers, publishers, and really anybody else that loves words) I'm always available at