Thursday, April 7, 2011

Review: Broken

This book counts towards the Debut Author challenge.

Broken was once a superhero.  But since she lost the ability to fly, she's been living on the streets, unable to die and unable to care as the world falls apart around her.

Ian is a baby, a baby who will either grow up to be the world's cruelest dictator or the savior of humanity.  His mother abandoned him to Michael's care before killing herself.

Michael can see the future, or at least millions of possible futures.  He knows that he needs to save the world, and he knows that he needs Broken and Ian to do it.  He just doesn't know whether they'll succeed, or die trying...


I like the idea of combining a superhero story with a dystopian story.  It ended up as a unique, interesting, and touching novel.


The pro: it was amazingly emotional.  The con: it was a little predictable.


I loved Michael to death.  As a person, he was interesting and complex.  But his powers really made him - or more specifically, the way he dealt with all the awful side affects of having his powers.  Anyways, he was amazing.  Broken I was only so-so on, she didn't seem to have all that much personality.  Half the time she acted like a robot, just fighting and drinking and sleeping without real emotion or drive or ambition or anything else.  But I didn't care, I liked Michael enough to overlook her faults.


It was quite powerful, really, it deserved five stars.  I took a star off because there were a few fairly noticeable grammar errors that bothered me, but it was really very good overall.

End Result: four stars.  A good book, definitely worth your time.

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