Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review: Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Nick and his band have just finished playing when he sees his ex walk in with another boy.  The last thing he wants is for her to see him still single.  Norah's lonely and bored, while her friend makes out with boys and her not-quite-friend has just walked in with a new boyfriend.

So when Nick asks her to be his girlfriend for five minutes, she kisses him.  And they're launched into the adventure, the love, and the night of a lifetime.

Entertainment: ★★★★

I liked this book. A lot. I don't know why, exactly, but something about it really connected with me.  I'd guess that everybody can see a little of themselves reflected in Nick, Norah, or both, and that's the kind of thing that makes a great book.

Plot: ★★★

Let's be honest, it's a little cheesy.  Or even a lot cheesy.  But it's cheesy in that addictive way, the junk food that you shouldn't love but can't help loving.  You can't help but wish you were going on Nick and Norah's adventure.

Characters: ★★★★★

Like I said earlier, you can't help but see yourself in these characters.  They're unhappy, weird, bittersweet, and so incredibly loveable.  They were amazing, but not too-good-to-be-true.  They were real.

Writing: ★★★★

Although a few scenes came off as a little more awkward than romantic, overall I thought this book was quite well written.

End Result: four stars.  A good book, definitely worth your time.

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