Sunday, June 26, 2011

Review: Trickster's Choice

This book counts towards the Shifter challenge.

Aly chafes at her life as a young noble, despite boyfriends and parties and helping her father, the spymaster of Tortall, work.  She knows everything there is to know about being a spy, and she's ready to work in the field.  Too bad her mother, Alanna, and her father believe that she's still too young for a such a dangerous profession.

But Aly gets her wish sooner than expected when she is kidnapped by pirates and sold into the Copper Isles as a slave.  The Isles are in political turmoil: for centuries, the pale-skinned luarin invaders have kept the copper-skinned native raka in slavery and submission.  But with the power-hungry luarin royal family going mad, the time is ripe for revolution.  Or at least that's what Kyprioth, the trickster god, thinks.  He makes a wager with Aly, an agreement that she will keep his chosen half-raka candidate for the throne alive.  Aly will have to keep the young noblewoman alive through treachery, danger, and war, all while keeping her own identity a secret...


I've read several of Pierce's other books, so I was already familiar with the world of Torrall.  This is an excellent installment in the series, introducing a whole new part of the world and a whole new cast (although with cameos with several characters from other novels of Tortall.)  It was clever, exciting, and really interesting, definitely a book I'd recommend to anybody.


The plot is at once simple and complex.  The world-building is phenomenal, the politics and adventure and intrigue all fascinating.  And Aly's little side romance is cute and utterly believable.


Aly was interesting - at the beginning of the story, she's a bit of a brat, even a little shallow.  But she grows and matures remarkably over the course of the story.  She's funny, likable, and an enjoyable main characters.  Nawat, her crow/human love interest, was adorable.  The side characters, even the villains, were multidimensional, flawed, interesting, and felt like real people.  Amazing characterization.


I love Pierce's writing.

End Result: five stars.  An excellent book.  Read it.

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