Friday, June 17, 2011

Review: Cursebusters!

Reeno has pink hair and tattoos of snakes twisting around her arms.  Reeno has the odd ability to see colors around people - their auras.  Reeno is an accomplished burglar and rebellious teenager extraordinaire.  Reeno is being sent to reform school.

But the school isn't all that it seems.  Reeno's not the only budding psychic in the school.  And she may be in over her head when she's befriended - well, recruited - by the A.B., the Alpha Beast, a sinister and rather rude cat.  The A.B. wants Reeno for a very specific purpose...


It was fun, unique, exciting - very enjoyable to read.


The Mayan mythology mixed with the psychic powers was an interesting twist.  The idea of A.B. and the other Planet Guardians was really cool.  And Reeno's attempts to thwart an ancient curse were exciting and fun.  Overall, I liked the plot very much.


Reeno herself was pretty cool - I loved her pink hair and tattoos, I loved her snarky personality, I just loved her.  I thought it was a little cheesy that everybody referred to her as a master thief, given that she honestly didn't seem all that talented in the field of thievery.  But overall, she was awesome.  The side characters were so-so, none of the human characters were really memorable.  But the A.B. was awesome - and really funny.


It was pretty well written.  I usually like a more formal style - less "Omigods!" - but given Reeno's character type I thought the causal style worked fine.

End Result: four stars.  A good book, definitely worth your time.

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