Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Character Tweets: Cursebusters!

A.B.:  Listen up, @Girlcakes! Be in the library at 2 sharp! With research in hand. #mayans  #uxmal #levitation

REENO: Oh, please! What is the mighty @Alpha Beast doing on Twitter? Forget about it. I am NOT doing your stupid errand.  #whatpartofnoetc
A.B.: I believe I mentioned the curse on your family, @Soldier.  I repeat, you must steal the book to remove the curse. #itsnotrocketscience
REENO: My head hurts @Furface. We’ve been over this, I…
A.B. @NOVICE! YOU WILL NOT CALL THE @ALPHA BEAST CUTE NAMES!  And you WILL recover the book.  #mayancodex
REENO: Hey, you can’t interrupt on Twitter!  And btw, did you just demote me? Never 
mind. I’m not doing it. No time-travel, no curse. #wormholes
A.B.: @Soldier. There IS a curse. Thus, you did time-travel. Ergo, you MUST time-travel to remove it. And to save the world.  #2012phenomenon
REENO: I’m promoted again? Is this like that movie where the kid has to time-travel to make his parents meet so he can be born? #backtothefuture
A.B. And yet,  @Girlette, he is already born.  #paradox
REENO: Know what, @A.B.? Actually I’d rather be burgling. But I do like the kids in the psychic club. Except for @Cooper Allingham.  He’s a bully.
A.B.:  The @Alpha Beast predicts that before the end of the book you will change your mind. #romanceisintheair
REENO: What book? What are you talking about? #CURSEBUSTERS!
A.B.: Listen up, @Girlface. The first rule of magic is this: As above, so below. #magic4dummies
REENO: Help! Meaning we’re in a book, but we’re also real? Is that another paradox? Oh, never mind. What’s up with @Cooper anyhow?
A.B.: Cursed, by any chance? BE. IN. THE. LIBRARY. WITH THE RESEARCH!
REENO: @Anyonewho’ll listen: I’d kill him, but what would be the point?  Unfortunately, He has 999,999 lives.

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