Sunday, November 14, 2010

Review: Total Oblivion (More or Less)

The end of the world was kind of unexpected, for Macy at least.  But when the Scythians came sweeping down from the North, her family is forced to flee down the Mississippi.  Along the way, they encounter the armies of the Empire, a wasp-borne plague, talking animals, mythical submarines, and all the chaotic fear of a crumbling world...

Entertainment: ★★

Let me be honest: I didn't like this book. There were one or two worthwhile, thought-provoking and/or interesting scenes.  The rest was a mess.

Plot: ★

Plot? What plot?  Everybody ran around like headless chickens, making entirely illogical choices and making a mess of everything they encountered.  There was no plot, just a lot of weirdly-paced action scenes and odd interludes that detracted from what little plot there was.  If I gave out "zero stars" as a rating, this book would easily merit it.

Characters: ★★

Ciaran, a random side character, was actually quite interesting to me, but he was the only redeeming character.  Macy was drab and had little to no personality and was a generally obnoxious narrator.  The side characters alternated being boring and just plain bizarre.  And not in a good way.

Writing: ★

Okay, where to even start?  I don't think there was a single cohesive chapter in the entire book that made actual, logical sense.  Everything was haphazardly everywhere, chapters seemed out of order, nothing made sense
End Result: one star.

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