Monday, November 22, 2010

Music Monday

So basically Music Monday is where I tell you about some awesome music that you really should listen to.

This City Is Contagious - The Cab

From a purely lyrical standpoint, this song is beautiful - the words, the metaphors, the meaning.  "We'll bring neon to its knees" is quite possibly my favorite line of all time.  Although "You're hearing more than sound" runs a close second.  Anyways, if you are only ever going to look up one song from my Music Monday posts, this should be it.

Weightless - All Time Low

If you've ever felt, as they put it, "stuck in a rut," this one's for you.  It's for anybody who's ever wanted to get out there and live life and be free.  I know I've felt that way and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in wanting to be weightless.

Share the Well - Caedmon's Call

This song's a little - okay a lot - out of my usual genres.  And I'll admit I didn't like it much at first.  But when you listen to the lyrics, it's actually kinda beautiful.  Also, the funky music I can't really categorize is kind of growing on me.  I have a feeling this song won't appeal to a lot of people, but it's got a great message that's really worth sharing.

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