Thursday, November 4, 2010

Review: Hush, Hush

Nora Grey is your average high school overachiever, with an almost entirely average life.  Until she is paired with Patch for a biology assignment.  Nora finds herself frighteningly attracted to him and terrified by his strange confidence and almost telepathic ability to know what she's thinking.

Soon she discovers that Patch is a fallen angel who wants to become human.  She can't decide whether to fall into his arms or run away... but time is running out, and she may not have a choice in the end...

Entertainment: ★★★

Here's the thing: in a general sense, Hush, Hush is a great book.  But I'm a nitpicker.  And there's a lot of things the reader is either supposed to ignore, not notice, or suspend their disbelief for.  And I don't like that.  Hush, Hush is one of those books where it seems like the author herself didn't notice these details.

So, yeah.  The detailing aside, I did like Hush, Hush fairly well.

Plot: ★★★

See above comment about the suspension of disbelief.  There's so many holes in the plot!  Seen from far off, Hush, Hush has a really cool plot.  But when you read it and pay attention... well... the premise is cool; the execution, not so much.

Characters: ★★

Nora and Patch seemed like just another Bella/Edward, Grace/Daniel, human/supernatural YA couple of your choice.  Neither offered anything really exciting or new.  I was actually disappointed; I'd heard very good things about the characters and specifically Patch.  But I don't think any of the characters are anything special.  In fact, I downright disliked many of the side characters.

Writing: ★★★★

If you ignore the holes everywhere, Fitzpatrick is actually pretty talented and the writing is quite good.

End Result: three stars.  A decent book, but not amazingly excellent.

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  1. I kind of felt the same way about this book. You have to "suspend disbelief" a lot! But, entertaining, and I'm sure the YAs will love it. . .

    I reviewed it not too long ago.