Monday, November 15, 2010

Music Monday

So basically Music Monday is where I tell you about some awesome music that you really should listen to.

This Is For Real - Motion City Soundtrack

I'm new to MCS; I just got the "Even If It Kills Me" CD a few days ago.  I fell in love almost immediately.  I'm not 100% sure on the meaning of the lyrics... I think parts might be open to different interpretations.  Still, it's a pretty awesome song.

Love Like Woe - The Ready Set

Some people don't like this song, I know.  But you can't deny that it's basically adorable.  When it's on the radio you really have no choice but to sing along!

According To You - by Orianthi

I can never actually decide if I like Orianthi's other songs or not, but I love this one.  It's upbeat and fun.  Plus, I happen to find the lyrics both hilarious and meaningful.  I've heard a few different interpretations of the lyrics, but I think of it as a "ignore the haters - somebody loves you for who you are" kind of song.

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