Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trailer Tuesday

Fun fact: today I learned how to pronounce "meme."  I'd always said it like two "me's" put together: me-me.  I was wrong.  Apparently it's properly said "meem."  Interesting.

Now, on to the trailers!

I just read The Dark Divine recently (review coming ASAP~) and liked it.  This is the trailer to go with it!  Here's the thing: I love it until the close-up of the guy's face.  He looks nothing like how I pictured Daniel (or Jude, for that matter.)  But maybe that's just a personal thing.  It's still a nice trailer.

Nightshade is coming out in just a few weeks, and it's been getting a lot of buzz in the blogosphere.  I know I certainly want to read it!  Anyways, the trailer is fabulous!  Seriously, I'm in love with the artsy, pastel-y, flowery feel!

What do you think of these trailers (or the books themselves)?  And what's your favorite book trailer?

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