Friday, September 3, 2010

Fashion Friday

Today's book has two covers, actually, and luckily my look works for both!  Here it is: Flame/Fall of a Kingdom!


Now, I have to mention, this is an excellent installment in an excellent series; it's in a place of honor on my Shelf of Awesome Books.  I was excited to put together an outfit for it!

The skirt brings in the whole desert/tribal thing, which is a big part of the story's culture.  It also has orange, which goes with both covers.  The shoes echo it, and the plain shirt keeps it neat and understated, like the style of the main female lead.  Also, the shirt matches the black shading on the covers.  As an extra bonus, there's a decorated gold bracelet, just like the one that plays an important role in the story!

So what do you think of the look?  Do you think it matches the book?

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