Friday, September 10, 2010

Playlist Friday

Alright, so technical issues (read: Blogger is being obnoxious and not allowing me to upload pictures properly) are preventing me from having Fashion Friday like I'd like to.  Well, I didn't want to just post three reviews in a row; I mean, even book bloggers can get a little tired of reviews.

So, after some thought, I've decided to institute a temporary replacement meme. Drumroll please. Playlist Friday!

Which is kind of uninspired, as names go, but whatever.  Basically I'm just going to post ten songs that I love this week.  So feel free to look them up (I promise they're awesome), comment on them, or let me know what you've been listening to!  I love hearing about great new music almost as much as great new books! And you know I love comments :)

About A Girl - The Academy Is...
(also, an excellent music video.)
Break Your Little Heart - All Time Low
Bring It (Snakes on a Plane) - Cobra Starship
(I actually hated this song initially. But somehow it's grown on me... a lot)
Can't Stand It - Nevershoutnever
(I can't explain why I like this song, exactly. But every time I hear it, it just makes me smile uncontrollably! Also, minor profanity alert, if that bothers you)
Hello Brooklyn - All Time Low
(My new life goal is to visit all of these cities)
Hold My Hand - New Found Glory
My First Kiss - 3Oh!3/Ke$ha
Skyway Avenue - We The Kings
Stupid Love Letter - The Friday Night Boys
This City Is Contagious - The Cab

I have what I like to think of as "eclectic" tase in music (this translates to I Will Listen To Literally Anything But Country.)  So seriously, let me know what your favorite band/song/music video is!

Alright, this post had absolutely nothing to do with books, so I'll add this: I've just finished a series of pretty cool books, so look forward to some great reviews in the next few days!

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