Sunday, July 3, 2011

Review: Lady Friday

On the fifth day, there was fear.

The Morrow Days are done playing by the rules.  Saturday has shut down the interHouse elevators, trapping Arthur in Friday's realm.  Lady Friday herself has vanished, after arranging a showdown between Arthur, Saturday, and an enigmatic enemy called the Piper.  Meanwhile, Arthur's friend Leaf has been captured by Friday, who plans to use her and all other humans for a sinister experiment...

Arthur is trapped and can't trust anybody.  Even those denizens of the House who honestly want to help him can be taken over at any time by the Piper's music and made to betray him.  The Will has been changing, and seems much darker and more determined than ever to fulfill its mysterious purpose.  Saturday and the Piper both want Arthur dead... and now, Arthur can't use the power of the Keys, the one thing that kept him alive during the previous four days...


I devoured this book (somewhat ironically, on a Friday) and now I can't wait for the next!


I love how the plot has grown so much darker and more twisted with each new book.  Lady Friday wasn't straightforward or simple, it was exciting and suspenseful.


The characters in this series started off great, and they've only gotten better.  First, Arthur.  I love how pragmatic he is; he doesn't go on about 'death before dishonor' or whine about how hard his life is or sulk or talk about how Super Special he is.  He's just a guy, and I'm honestly cheering for him to get an (eventual) happy ending.

The rest of the cast, meanwhile, is just as fascinating.  Many of them are morally ambiguous (see: The Will) and that's just plain interesting to read about.  Every character is quirky and unique and cool, and I think the series is worth reading just for the characters.


I think Nix's writing might be addictive, because I can't seem to stop reading this series!

End Result: five stars.  An excellent book.  Read it.

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