Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review: Are We There Yet?

Elijah and Danny are brothers with wildly different lives.  Danny is diligently climbing the corporate ladder, while Elijah spends his days at boarding school drifting, using drugs, and dreaming.  When their parents trick them into taking a trip to Italy together, they are less than thrilled; they haven't gotten along in years.

They don't expect to fall in love with the same girl.  They don't expect to learn to understand each other in ways they never thought possible.  They don't expect this trip to change their lives...

Entertainment: ★★★

This book was just... meh.  Some of Leviathan's books are stunningly amazing, even life changing, and this one was just average. I was a little disappointed.

Plot: ★★

There were no twists, no suprises, no exciting premises.  Nothing to hold my attention; I just got bored.  There is little to no plot, besides the brothers wandering Italy in a vague, uninterested way.  And the romance itself is vague and half-hearted feeling.

Characters: ★★★

So, I did like the characters fairly well, or at least I liked Danny.  Elijah was just too vague for me, if that makes sense, sort of a floating cloud of character traits that never managed to coalesce into a real person.  Julia was lacking, lacking personality and uniqueness and any kind of romantic appeal.  But Danny carried the show, along with a few tastefully done side characters.

Writing: ★★★

I hate to be repetitive, but it was just average.  I tried for several minutes to think of something to write here, and then realized that nothing at all stands out about the writing for me, which I hate.  Even books that I honestly hate I hate for a reason, and here I just felt there was nothing to love, nothing to hate, nothing to connect with at all.

End Result: three stars.  A decent book, but not amazingly excellent.

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