Thursday, February 17, 2011

Review: Drowned Wednesday

This book counts towards the Shifter challenge.

On the first day, there was mystery.
On the second day, there was darkness.
On the third day, there were pirates.

Arthur is resigned to another showdown in the world of the House, despite his broken leg and reluctance to have anything to do with the other Days.  He's been expecting to have to defeat Lady Wednesday and take the third key... he didn't expect to be invited to lunch.

Turns out, Lady Wednesday - or Drowned Wednesday, as she has become - needs his help to break the curse laid on her by the Morrow Days.  But first Arthur will have to survive pirates, seafaring clerks, Rats, storms, and the Border Seas.  And of course, he'll have to avoid being eaten by Wednesday, who shape shifts into a gigantic, starving white whale that devours everything in her path...


The third installment in the series was just as witty, fun, and enjoyable as the first two.


Nix does a good job of staying true to the general format of the series (Arthur must overcome trials to obtain another Key and therefore dominion over another portion of the house) - while still mixing it up and keeping the story new, exciting, and interesting.


The third portion of the Will is particularly enjoyable, and in addition all of the old favorites are back.  There are a few new characters, like Lady Wednesday, who were only so-so, but the strong main characters made up for that.


As always, I loved Nix's writing.

End Result: four stars.  A good book, definitely worth your time.

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