Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

First of all, some movie news, direct from Harper Teen's websit: Bestselling author Melissa Marr's popular teen book, Wicked Lovely, has been optioned by Universal Studios to be made into a movie.  I will definitely be watching that movie when it comes out!

Now then, this week's pick for Wishlist Wednesday is Z, by Michael Thomas Ford!

Check Harper Teen for more information! 

Alright, first of all, zombies?  Oh yeah.  Just for the fact that it's a hip book about zombies, Z is pretty cool.  But it's also got a fabulous cover and a virtual reality game involved!  Also a lot of fire, and I love fire.  Basically, I can't wait.

What do you think of Z?  And what books are you looking forwards to?

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