Friday, August 13, 2010

Fashion Friday

I had an idea this afternoon, and on a whim turned it into a weekly book blog meme-type event: Fashion Friday, where I put together an outfit inspired by a cool book!

This week's book is, drumroll please, Shadow Kiss from the Vampire Academy series!

That's the cover of the paperback, which is what I have.  Now, I have to confess I haven't actually finished this book yet... or even gotten halfway through.  Still, it's an awesome read so far and I love the cover.  So here's my take on Vampire Academy style!

The plaid skirt, of course, is a staple of all stereotypical boarding-school uniforms.  A black shirt, with the skirt, matches the cover's color scheme.  The necklace, to avoid a wannabe-Goth look, is actually a silver heart instead of a silver crucifix.  Finally, to match Rose's kick-ass personality and keep the outfit tough enough for a vampire fight, some nice knee-high boots.

What's your take on this?  A good outfit?  Do you think it goes well with the book?  Comment and let me know!  And feel free to suggest other books for me to outfit-ize!

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