Sunday, May 22, 2011

Review: Raised by Wolves

This book counts towards the Shifter challenge.

Bryn was adopted into a werewolf pack as a child after her family was killed by a Rabid, a crazy loner wolf.  Now a teenager, she struggles to stay independent and human and her, despite the constant pressure from the pack to fit in and give in to the dominance hierarchy.  She is constantly stuck on the line between being loyal to Callum, the pack's Alpha, and becoming a mindless servant.

But everything changes when Bryn discovers Chase, a boy in a cage.  Chase, a werewolf that used to be human; Chase, transformed in a vicious attack by another Rabid; Chase, who should be impossible.  Bryn finds herself irresistibly drawn to Chase, who seems to feel the same.  Bryn finds herself defying the only family she's ever known in order to be with Chase...


Although the book's summary didn't blow me away - I was expecting a cliche Twilight-esque romance - in reality it turned out much, much better than I thought.  The romance wasn't too over-the-top, the characters were unique and interesting, and the villain was quite well done.  Overall, a good book.


It was a bit cheesy at times, but at others intense, emotional, and exciting.  So it balanced out to a pretty interesting plot.


Chase was pretty cool - he was interesting, and he had a personality, and he had flaws, but he was still relatable.  I liked him.  I'm still not decided about Bryn - at times she was fierce and cool, at others spoiled and annoying and naive.  So I haven't actually made up my mind whether I like her.  The villain was awesome, many of the side characters were unique and interesting, and Callum was pretty awesome.  Overall, a good cast (with the possible exception of Bryn herself.)


Well-written, except for the psychic bits (when the characters were in each others' heads, I got confused fast.)  But otherwise, decently written.

End Result: four stars.  A good book, definitely worth your time.

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