Saturday, May 21, 2011

Review: The Iron Witch

This book counts towards the Debut Author challenge.

Donna Underwood is homeschooled, and she always wears long gloves that cover her arms.  Her father was killed in the same horrific accident that mangled her arms; and magical iron tattoos now cover her hands and forearms.  She spends her time learning alchemy and hanging out with her only friend Navin.

But when Navin is kidnapped by wood elves, Donna is forced to re-enter the magical world of the fey.  With the gorgeous half-human Xan by her side, she will do anything to save Navin...


It was just absolutely average.  Seriously, it seemed like every single YA book I've read in the past two months were put into a blender and made into a generic YA novel that was written following a script. The only slightly unique aspect of of the story was the alchemy, and that was hardly explored at all.


As just mentioned - there was really nothing new to it.  The love triangle, especially, with mysteriously powerful and angsty gorgeous guy and comfortable slightly-nerdy best-friend archetypes, was just obnoxious.


Donna was weird.  She was absolutely bipolar, going from one extreme emotion to another in the space of a sentence and switching personalities and behavior so quickly I couldn't keep up.  Also, the girl was ditzy.  She's in a dangerous, life-threatening situation where she's betraying her family and everything she's ever known - and she pauses to reflect on Xan's super-hotness.  And she said and did several other things that just made me want to hit her with a copy of her own book.

The other characters - well, when they got any mention besides omg Xan is soooo sexy!! - were quite bland.  I still don't know much about any of them.


It was okay.

End Result: two stars.  I was not impressed.

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