Saturday, May 7, 2011

Review: My Sparkling Misfortune

After being tricked by a hero (in a rather un-heroic way), Lord Arkus is on the run.  He's a villain, the worst of the worst, and so of course he intends to get revenge.  To do so, he captures a dark spirit...

Except he made a mistake.  The spirit turns out to be a sparkling named Tulip, a good and kind creature that helps out great heroes.  Now, everything Arkus does is construed as a good deed.  Kings and maidens are showering him with love and admiration... how's a villain supposed to stay evil like this?

Entertainment: ★★★★

It was quite witty, a very funny twist to the cliche old hero-and-villain fairy tales, and also surprisingly touching.  Although it was short, it packed a pretty big punch.

Plot: ★★★

A sweet little story.

Characters: ★★★★

I liked Arkus quite a bit - how much trouble he went to to look like a bad guy when really, he was kind of nice.  Tulip was alright - a little weird, but cool too.  I really liked the "heroic" prince, and how un-heroic he turned out to be; in fact, he was the real villain of the story!

Writing: ★★

I wasn't a huge fan of the writing style, particularly the double punctuation (??, ?!, !!), since I usually prefer more formal writing.  Not to say it was badly written - it wasn't - it just wasn't to my personal taste.

End Result: three stars.

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