Thursday, January 27, 2011

Review: Pathfinder

Rigg has spent his life training under his father.  Alone in the woods, they track animals and work math problems and practice accents.  When his father suddenly dies, Rigg quickly discovers the value of his training as he sets off across an unfamiliar land, searching for answers to questions he didn't know he had.

And then there's his powers: he can see path where people have walked.  That used to be the extent of his powers, but after his father's death he realizes that he can do so much more than see the past.  He can change it.  And that might just be the most dangerous thing of all.

Entertainment: ★★★★★

I'll be frank, some of the time-space physics stuff was a little mind-boggling.  Discussions of whether it's possible to change the past and what time means and other similar topics were a little deeper than I expected.  But I enjoy stuff like that, so I actually thought it was pretty cool.  And educational and thought-inspiring.

As for the story itself, I thought it was extremely enjoyable.  I liked Rigg's narration and although the story wasn't particularly suspenseful I was very curious to see how everything tied together in the end.  And the ending managed to provide closure while still leaving me really excited to read the next book.

Plot: ★★★★★

It's a really original premise and a really exciting plot, mixed with some absolutely fantastic worldbuilding. Enough said.

Characters: ★★★★

Pathfinder loses a couple points here because I never really connected with the characters, emotionally.  However, they were great fun to read about and quite interesting.

Writing: ★★★★★

I really do like Card's style.

End Result: five stars.  A really excellent book.  Read it.

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